Meet our March Makers

We are delighted with the makers and surprise items we choose for our March Irish Subscription Box. Meet the makers here!.

Wild Goose – County Cork, Ireland

Fellow artists Brian Scott-McCarthy and Kathleen Smyth founded the Wild Goose Studio in 1970.  Together with other leading Irish artists, they created a unique range of artefacts that take their inspiration from our rich cultural heritage and the contemporary world.  Each piece starts with an inspiring thought, an image or an emotion and is given a physical form by our craftspeople.

It all starts with the marriage of an idea or meaning with an image. One of the artists will then carve that image into a sculpted piece which becomes the original from which we create a mould.  The production process itself starts with metal powders such as bronze or cast iron which form the outer surface of the finished piece and the inner is created from a cold cast pouring.  Once the piece is set, the piece is polished it to reveal the beauty hidden beneath.

Their inspiration comes from myriad different sources. Many of the pieces reflect their Celtic history with its stone carvings and evocative language, others are inspired by contemporary authors, philosophers, and the moments and milestones in life that shape their human experience.

Irish Socksciety – Co. Galway, Ireland

Irish Socksciety loves all that is quirky and humorous of contemporary Ireland. Alex and Joanna feel that feet have lots to say, and to help them talk, they design colourful and funny socks in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.

Alex and Joanna are best friends who dance, laugh and work together – in any order really, as it usually happens all at once. They are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but socks, socks are very special to them.  They choose them very carefully, sometimes odd socks, sometimes patterned or themed and always lots of colour. That’s why designing socks is what they are passionate about. Their socks brighten up any occasion from boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates. 

Joanna and Alex – Irish Sock Sciety

Kilcoe Studios – Dublin, Ireland

Sonia Caldwell’s stonework is created mostly by hand using traditional chisels and mallets. She started her career doing sculpture and exhibited in galleries in Dublin.

She takes her inspiration for these stone pieces from many sources, both Irish and international, using mostly stylised images and adapting them to suit the clean lines that the stone offers.

Sonia has for a long time been doing detailed studies in watercolours to assist with her fine art work. In 2012 she started to turn these into calendars and greeting cards for all to enjoy. They explore the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Trees, flowers, herbs and the garden are explored, along with their place in Ireland’s culture and heritage.

Each year Sonia works on a new collection of paintings on a different theme. These are printed as a calendar and a selection of images are offered as prints and greeting card. The images are watercolour paintings that are painted from life in the studio.

Sonia – Kilcoe Studios

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